“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. Jon Kabat-Zinn”

The waves in the Finnish archipelago were not too bad that day, but they have storms there as well!

Welcome – I’m happy you’re here!

I’ve decided to start a blog again about well-being. This time hopefully with a little more focus than in my last blog a few years ago! I have worked in Mental Health for 14 years, the great majority of those were within the NHS (U.K’s National Health Service).  I offered sessions of mainly CBT & EMDR, often including ACT & Mindfulness approaches, to individuals with a variety of emotional problems, from depression, panic attacks and/or stress to PTSD & OCD just to mention a few. I have great passion for helping people regain balance and overcome challenges both big and small.

I’m excited to start writing again, as this will enable me to share my enthusiasm for holistic & functional approaches to well-being. I believe that while psychological approaches for emotional balance are very important, it is also vital for us to look at each individual as a whole and pay attention to physical wellbeing too (including what we eat). So in this blog I hope to share and discuss ideas for emotional, cognitive, physical, behavioural, spiritual and environmental ways to have a positive influence on our well-being.

As Jon Kabat-Zinn says: “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Life throws challenges at us, sometimes less and sometimes more. Thankfully there are many things we can do to manage and cope with these situations as well as possible. We can support our minds and bodies in various ways to find balance even when things are tough, but also to enhance well-being when life is going pretty smoothly to enable us to build resilience and strategies for the future.

To find out more, explore my website, or send me an email. I’ll always look forward to hearing from you and to comments you might have on future blog posts.

Thanks for joining me!

Anne Lindqvist

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